THORChain Dev Docs
The site covers dev instructions for THORChain


Wallets developers can use THORChain to access liquid decentralised cross-chain swaps and more.
Eg, swap from layer 1 ETH to BTC and back.


Aggregators can deploy contracts that use custom "swapIn" and "swapOut" cross-chain aggregation to perform swaps before and after THORChain.
Eg, swap from an asset on Sushiswap, then THORChain, then an asset on TerraSwap in one transaction.


Chain developers can launch a new chain connection with THORChain, giving that chain and its assets access to layer 1 liquidity.
Eg, add a new Ethereum Layer2 network to THORChain.


Middleware developers can build on Midgard or Flipside to access cross-chain metrics and analytics.
Eg, gather information on cross-chain liquidity
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