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Connecting to THORChain

How to connect to Midgard, THORNode and the base Tendermint layer.
The Network Information comes from four sources:
  1. 1.
    Midgard: Consumer information relating to swaps, pools, and volume. Dashboards will primarily interact with Midgard.
  2. 2.
    THORNode: Raw blockchain data provided by the THORChain state machine. THORChain wallets and block explorers will query THORChain-specific information here.
  3. 3.
    Cosmos RPC: Used to query for generic CosmosSDK information.
  4. 4.
    Tendermint RPC: Used to query for consensus-related information.
The below endpoints are run by specific organisations for public use. There is a cost to running these services. If you want to run your own full node, please see


Midgard returns time-series information regarding the THORChain network, such as volume, pool information, users, liquidity providers and more. It also proxies to THORNode to reduce burden on the network. Runs on every node.



THORNode returns application-specific information regarding the THORChain state machine, such as balances, transactions and more. Careful querying this too much - you could overload the public nodes. Consider running your own node. Runs on every node.
Mainnet (for post-hard-fork blocks 4786560 and later)


Cosmos RPC

The Cosmos RPC allows Cosmos base blockchain information to be returned. However, not all endpoints have been enabled. Endpoints guide

Tendermint RPC

The Tendermint RPC allows Tendermint consensus information to be returned.
Any Node Ports
  • MAINNET Port: 27147
  • STAGENET Port: 26657
  • TESTNET Port: 26657
URLs (for post-hard-fork blocks 4786560 and later)
Pre-hard-fork blocks 4786559 and earlier


P2P is the network layer between nodes, useful for network debugging.
MAINNET Port: 27146
STAGENET Port: 26656
TESTNET Port: 26656