Setup Multisig

First, collect the pubkeys that will be part of the multisig. They can be printed using thorcli:

thornode keys show person1 --pubkey

Then share the pubkey with the other parties. Each party can add these pubkeys:

thornode keys add person2 --pubkey {pubkey}

Each party can create the multisig (here a 2/3):

thornode keys add multisig --multisig person1,person2,person3 --multisig-threshold 2

Create Transaction

Any of the parties can create the raw transaction:

# Sender: thor1505gp5h48zd24uexrfgka70fg8ccedafsnj0e3
# Receiver: thor1gutjhrw4xlu3n3p3k3r0vexl2xknq3nv8ux9fy
# Amount: 1 RUNE (in 1e8 notation)
thorcli tx bank send thor1505gp5h48zd24uexrfgka70fg8ccedafsnj0e3 thor1gutjhrw4xlu3n3p3k3r0vexl2xknq3nv8ux9fy 100000000rune --chain-id thorchain-mainnet-v1 --node --gas 3000000 --generate-only >> tx_raw.json

This will output a file called tx_raw.json. Edit this file and change the @type field from / to /types.MsgSend.

The tx_raw.json transaction should look like this:

  "body": {
    "messages": [
        "@type": "/types.MsgSend",
        "from_address": "thor1505gp5h48zd24uexrfgka70fg8ccedafsnj0e3",
        "to_address": "thor1gutjhrw4xlu3n3p3k3r0vexl2xknq3nv8ux9fy",
        "amount": [{ "denom": "rune", "amount": "100000000" }]
    "memo": "",
    "timeout_height": "0",
    "extension_options": [],
    "non_critical_extension_options": []
  "auth_info": {
    "signer_infos": [],
    "fee": { "amount": [], "gas_limit": "3000000", "payer": "", "granter": "" }
  "signatures": []

Sign Transaction

The transaction needs to be signed by 2 of the 3 parties (as configured above, when setting up the multisig).

From Person 1

thornode tx sign --from person1 --multisig multisig tx_raw.json --sign-mode amino-json --chain-id thorchain-mainnet-v1 --node >> tx_signed_1.json

This will output a file called tx_signed_1.json.

From Person 2

thornode tx sign --from person2 --multisig multisig tx_raw.json --sign-mode amino-json --chain-id thorchain-mainnet-v1 --node >> tx_signed_2.json

This will output a file called tx_signed_2.json.

Build Transaction

Gather Signatures

The party, who wants to broadcast the transaction, needs to gather all json signature files from the other parties.

Multisig Sign

First, get the sequence and account number for the multisig address:


Then combine the signatures into a single one (make sure to update the account number -a and the sequence number -s:

# Account number: 33401 (see curl output)
# Sequence number: 0 (see curl output)
thornode tx multisign tx_raw.json multisig tx_signed_1.json tx_signed_2.json -a 33401 -s 0 --from multisig --chain-id thorchain-mainnet-v1 --node >> tx.json

This will output a final file called tx.json.

Broadcast Transaction

thornode tx broadcast tx.json --chain-id thorchain-mainnet-v1 --node --gas auto



THORSafe does not support Ledger yet!

THORSafe is a multisig frontend (developed by THORSwap):